How and why I create this Blog

A personal blog, why? Each day in the office, I create things, learn things, envision things that makes a developer's life more attractive, I discover things I want to share and … All these things bring my head to explode, if they can't get out, so let kick them out - here they are!

Creating this simple webpage I write down step by step my decisions, the current state and other interesting findings.

This is not really a technical instruction how you should set up your infrastructure or find the right tools for your requirements, more a "try to get things running with a crazy different approach". In this case, the "crazy difference" is called node.js and how to build a blogging system on top of it.

Let's go into some Detail

23 March 2013

Ahoi. I work on a Redesign of my blog.

Yeah, this logging entry is very self-explaning. I did some research finding other interesting blogs and analysed how the structure and design looks like and arrange the necessary content elements of my blog. Here are some of them I really enjoyed to read and that inspired me:

31 March 2013

Decision: I will use a serverside javascript environment (Node.js & express) to create this blog logic. I want write my articles in Markdown! I found this: Poet, looks interesting to me.

Poet.js, by @jsantell
"Poet is a blog generator in node.js to generate routing, render markdown/jade/whatever posts, and get a blog up and running fast", by @jsantell

Node.js is a very new and interesting serverside javascript environment. The non-blocking I/O event handling makes it very powerful and scalable, also it's pleasant to write javascript at both backend and frontend. I like the concept of writing my articles in clean markdown, store it on github and parse via Node.js. The simple blogging system Poet fulfils all of this requirements.

  • It's well documented.
  • It supports Markdown, Yeah ;-)
  • The Source-Code looks very tidy and clean. There are few tests available - Used testing framework is chai. This is not my absolute favourite, but anyway.
  • The project repository on github seems to be up to date.

04 April 2013

Today I start writing the first code of this blog with a mobile first approach. I highly recommend the following articles about mobile first development.

I have read the one-and-only mobile first reading matter by Luke Wroblewski "Mobile First" and I agree with most of this stuff from the perspective of a frontend developer. Let's talk about a bunch of advantages which a mobile first approach brings to a frontend project.

First, you never crush website elements into a smaller layout. Second, all website elements are visible in each breakpoint, no sucking hide-on-mobile development. You can give a fuck on IE (non media query supported browsers), they displayed in mobile styles.

It is important to understand that we don't create a mobile website - we create a website optimized for a mobile device screen. A user with a mobile device has the same objectives to visit our website like a user on stationary PC but in another context - so damn, show them the same website and not less.

05 April 2013

Styling and Grid ✔, realized with Compass and Susy finished.

In the beginning of 2012, I got in touch with SASS and compass and I will never miss it again. For my own projects, I don't like to choose a boilerplate library like bootstrap, I wanna start from scratch. Susy's approach to a semantic grid is very cool and the framework is easy to use.

08 April 2013

This Website is now running in maintenance mode. Powered by Node.js and hosted on heroku. The source code is available on github. Run npm install and then grunt server to check it out on your local machine. Requires Node and Grunt.js.

And finally I need a Node.js hosting environment and I choose Heroku, because of it's awesome toolbelt and it's free. Furthermore, I write some grunt tasks, to make my life much easier and the development process a bit faster.

The result is this blog you are currently reading. The design is very simple and yes .. very tedious, but I can't do it even better as a developer. Yep, the code is available on github.


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